The Lean Office

Waste Graphic for 7 Wastes Blog SeriesFounded on the principles of Lean Six Sigma which evolved from the highly productive Toyota Production System, Lean Office is a team centered work improvement methodology focused on eliminating waste, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Focused on the elimination of the 7 Types of Waste common to the administrative and operational processes of the modern office and integrating a highly structured 5-step process known as "5S", physical and digital work areas are systematically cleaned, organized and optimized.

Ongoing emphasis on standardizing, maintaining and continuously improving office processes and systems include tools and strategies such as Kaizen, Kanban , JIT (Just In Time), VSM (Value Stream Mapping) Metrics, Takt Time, Leveling & Visual Controls.

Combining tools, resources, skill development and experiential case study assignments which impart the knowledge and skills to understand and implement Lean Office. Our trainings are approved for CLE/CPE credits in many industries.  

Lean Office 101 is available:

  • As a five session (7 total hours) interactive course delivered in person, via webinar or via our on- demand- self paced learning platform.
  • Live integration, training, consultation and/or implementation coaching is available to meet the requisites for you, your team or organization.
“There's tremendous engagement  and initiative to deploy Lean because the process owners 
create the new process, rather than a manager, consultant or removed third party"

 Begin with a benchmarking assessment for individuals or for your organization.