The Productive Environment Solution™



The Purpose

The Productive Environment Solution™ is a comprehensive program that includes all of our philosophy, processes and tools to help your small  business, business department or entire organization to maximize productivity and assist staff to organize their time, space, and information.    Simplify workflow, eliminate waste and improve efficiency so you and your team and work on the work  that matters most. 


The Process

This turn-key service spans a one-year period in order to address all the activities within the organization during a one year business year cycle. The  Productive Environment Solution™ includes the following eight services:

  • The Productive Environment Audit™ & GamePlan™
  • The 8-Hour Miracle® for key people in the organization
  • Productivity QuickStart™ for every team member
  • Productive Environment Day™ - a department-wide event to eliminate unnecessary office and digital clutter
  • Taming the Paper Tiger in the Digital Age™ Seminar
  • Paper Productivity System™ – Integration of a centrally understood System™ for physical resources
  • Digital Productivity System™ –Integration of a centrally understood System™ for electronic resources
  • Productivity Tune-Ups™ throughout the year 

The Payoff

With the Productive Environment Solution™, we guarantee a 10% increase in productivity by whatever measure you choose.

As a result of these comprehensive services:

      • The team or organization will have a process for handling all information that comes into the organization, office or department.
      • Every member of your organization will be able to find any resource quickly and efficiently.
      • Your office will reflect the highest level of professionalism, productivity and profitability.

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