The Productive Environment Day™

Susie Keisler-Munro VP and CEO of Operations for Assurity Life Insurance acknowledges the Productive Environment Day™ as "very powerful, providing associates time and permission to rid their work environments of paper and electronic clutter", and noting that "left unchecked clutter can paralyze individuals; negatively impacting performance and effectiveness".  In addition, Ms. Munro recognized the opportunity to "identify records management needs and teach associates tools and techniques to better manage paper and electronic information on a go-forward basis".

To facilitate relocation to a new building and with a goal to move toward a less paper centric environment, Assurity Life Insurance chose The Productive Environment Day™.  The result culminated in the  shredding and/or recycling of 13 tons of paper and deletion of 1,366,322 digital files.

The Purpose

The Productive Environment Day provides your employees the time, the permission, and the resources to effectively eliminate anything which can be tossed/recycled/shredded, deleted  or, relocated to another person, office, location or digital file repository. If your business is preparing for a move, leverage this opportunity to eliminate retention and transportation of obsolete files, documentation and supplies that slows productivity, costs money and increases legal exposure.  If your business is preparing for an installation or upgrade to a shared digital repository, clear the digital clutter prior to the "move"!

The Process

Our team, lead by a Certified Productive Environment Specialist™ (CPES) will provide a comprehensive checklist of 18 essential elements to assure a successful event. Working with your team to customize promotional materials, educate employees, and provide oversight and direction for your entire organization, we guarantee a 10% increase in productivity by whatever measure you choose.

We kick off the event with the targeted training Sometimes It Takes An Expert to Take Out the Trash"  in which we incorporate your  company guidelines. In the training process we  provide  participants the tools, techniques and principals to safely, efficiently and effectively eliminate the "unnecessary".

During the event, we team up with staff to oversee smooth integration of the process, address questions and assure the success of your Productive Environment Day 

The Pay-Off

  • Improved use of physical and/or digital space for streamlined business execution.
  • Disposition of obsolete files, documentation and supplies that impede productivity, cost money, tax resources  and increase legal exposure.
  • Increased employee confidence relating to the implementation of current record/information retention policies.
  • Awareness of records management issues you can now effectively integrate into future policy.
  • Increased ability for employees to find what they need when they need it.
  • An business environment that accurately reflects the high quality of products, services and values your organization provides.
  • An environment and team awareness poised to move the organization towards decreased reliance on paper, i.e. Almost Paperless™
  • We guarantee a 10% increase in productivity by whatever measure you choose.
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