What Great Work Are You Not Accomplishing?

  • You know you're great at what you do. You have tremendous ideas!
  • You know how to get the job done; that's not the problem.
  • But you're drowning. 

Drowning in the pool of endless email, lost papers, unreturned phone calls, constant interruptions and an overwhelming amount of tasks that are urgent, important and not important.

  • They're all pulling you away from what you want to accomplish; like a riptide pulling you out to sea, pushing you further away from where you want to be.

How can you lead or shine if you're drowing?

  • With a riptide, you can swim parallel to the shore, to get out of it. But how do you survive a workplace drowning?
The Answer: Book A 90-Minute Productivity Power Session

Tracy-Parks-Headshot-2Hi, I'm Tracy and I know how frustrating it is when it feels like all you're doing every day is getting buried in email and falling behind in your work. Having spent 25 years as an entrepreneur and business owner, and founder and owner of four successful businesses, one which reached 1.3 million dollars in sales during its first fiscal year, I can fully appreciate the pressures you face.

My experience with clients such as yourself and training as a Certified Productive Environment Specialist allows me to be the objective productivity partner you need to get started on creating systems that allow you to successfully accomplish your work.

The core of my Productivity Power Session is the 5-Step Productive Environment Process, a process which is all about YOU. Your unique situation. Your personal style.  Rise above the inevitable overwhelm that comes with not accomplishing your work.

Joe-Gardepy“In a single session I learned valuable shortcuts and best practices for productivity and email processing I never knew existed. Having more time during the day to work on key priorities is priceless”.  – Joe Gardepy, Vice President and Business Relationship Manager at Wells Fargo Bank

"Tim-CaseyTracy is outstanding in her ability to simplify workflow and increase efficiency. Her processes save time, increase productivity, and reduce the stress associated with managing information. We found Tracy to be professional, engaging, and a pleasure to work with. We will not hesitate to engage her services again in the future.” – Tim Casey, Executive Director, the Bend Chamber of Commerce

Mixie-Kingman-Eddy“I would recommend Tracy for any kind of productivity coaching, consulting that brings out her exceptional skills in training and mentoring others. Indeed, she seems to shine as a dedicated, outstanding role model and business leader in her field. I was empowered, encouraged and inspired to move forward productively!" With heart-felt appreciation! – Mixie Kingman Eddy, MA, Personal Historian