The 8 Hour Miracle™

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Our premier one-on-one service which will assist you in creating a clutter free, stress fee and fully productive environment in your physical office or your digital office. By the end of this service we will have created a SYSTEM™  that will save you space, stress, time, energy, and money, and, one which you will be able to maintain long after our work together.


We start with a benchmarking assessment which will be  followed by a complimentary 30 minute consultation.  The assessment allows us to establish goals and target areas and will be used to measure the success of our work together. Based on the assessment we provide a list of office supplies you may need which you may purchase, or, we will ship them and bill you for them at our cost.

If the 8 Hour Miracle™ is focused on the physical office we will begin by addressing the most important papers in your office; most likely the ones on your desk at the present time. If the focus is on your digital office we will focus on the target areas we identify during our complimentary 30 minute consultation.

This is a  "hands-on" process where we create a  personalized system for the management of your time, space and information based on Productive Environment Principles™ including The File-Act-Toss System™, Today's Mail is Tomorrow's Pile™ and  Clutter is Postponed Decisions®

Together we will decide which papers or digital documents/email you can comfortably toss, which items require action and which you would like to retain for future reference. Along the way we create a system where you will be able to retrieve and execute on action items and  quickly retrieve any  items you have retained for reference or later use.

If the focus is towards your physical office; after we have addressed the papers on the desk, we will move to other surface areas in your office and as time allows tackle file drawers, boxes or other identified areas.  This service can be provided on-site or virtually and you are welcome to have an administrative assistant participate in this process.  The 8 Hour Miracle™  can be delivered in smaller blocks of time, for example, two sessions of four hours each.


 At the end of  the 8 Hour Miracle™ we guarantee three things: 

1. You will know what to do with each piece of paper or digital document that arrives in your work-flow.
2. You will be positioned to find any paper we filed with one keyword search.
3. You will have a Productive Environment Gameplan™ to use on a go-forward basis.

We guarantee a 10% increase in productivity by whatever measure you choose.  All our products and services are 100% guaranteed. If you think we have fallen short of your needs or expectations, we will immediately address the situation or offer a complete refund. 

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