4 Hour Productivity Quickstart

4hours Get Started Now with the Finger Pointer 


A productivity intervention that will target an area of your choosing and position you to de-clutter, de-stress, optimize and maximize the skills and tools you need to master productivity and efficiency.


  •  Choose the Get Started Now button and book Your Quick Start 
  • You will recieve an order confirmation as well as an email confirmation which conatins your next steps which include:
  • Completion of our online productivity assessment. This assessment will enable us to understand current challenges, areas of opportunity and your goals. 
  • Acceess to our automated calendaring system where you choose a date for a complimentary goal setting session.
    • During this session we will design your vision, eliminate your obstacles, identify& commit your resources, select your tools and create next action steps towards the development of a road map to maintain your success
    •  During this session, we will also schedule the 4 Hour Quick Start either as a single session or in two, 2 hour sessions.


We guarantee a 10% increase in productivity by whatever measure you choose.  All our products and services are 100% guaranteed. If you think we have fallen short of your needs or expectations, we will immediately address the situation or offer a complete refund. 

Are you ready to boost productivity, increase efficiency and work on the work that matters most?  Simply select the Get Started Now button!

Get Started Now with the Finger Pointer

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