Windows 7 Tips and Tricks

Windows 7 Tips and Tricks (3)

Using folders to keep documents organized and findable is a key part of a lean office. If you need to move documents and folders within Windows on a frequent basis, you'll find the tips in this Lean Office Minute™ video helpful. I share three ways you can perform these moves in a flash within the Windows File manager. Even if you're a veteran Windows users, you're bound to find one of these tips useful. Video Duration: 03:48 (MM:SS).

One of the best ways to get efficient in Windows is to use the built-in shortcuts available to you. With a few taps, clicks, or keystrokes, you can find things really fast, switch between apps, and get around on your computer quickly. In this week's The Lean Office Minute® video, I show you how to launch and interact with multiple Windows programs using your Windows key and the taskbar. You work with multiple programs all the time; see how you can easily switch between them as you're working.
Video Duration: 02:33 (MM:SS)

Watch this video and learn seven Windows 7 tips that makes navigating around the Windows environment really easy and allow you to get things done faster. Even if you're a mouse user; you'll love these time-saving tips!