The Results Speak For Themselves...

 "Tracy first created an awareness of our email problem which was important so that we could see that putting her organizational methods into place made sense. Her email training was practical advice that we could really use and implement immediately. Tracy really knows her stuff and was able to dive deep and help us learn to manage the Tsunami known as email. Thank you for everything you did for us Tracy."

– Matt Chapman, PresidentNorthwest Evaluation Association

Tracy Campbell's training session on Email Efficiency & Etiquette was time well spent. Our management team learned specific techniques on how to determine when email is appropriate, how to craft an email effectively, and how to reduce the number of nonproductive emails we receive. The time we spent in this training will be more than made up for in the time we save through increased productivity. Thanks Tracy!

– Eric King, City Manager, City of Bend, Oregon

“The material, along with your professional delivery was outstanding and has definitely had a positive effect on our organization. We have experienced improved quality in our email communications and have reduced the overall volume of email. I am confident that NAVIS has recaptured significant productivity hours as a result of the training. Thanks again for a job well done.”

– Kyle Buehner, CEO, Navis Technologies

"Your presentation ranks in the top few percentiles of all time greats."

– John, Boeing Commercial Space Company

“Tracy presented email training for our Admin Team and our Executive Team.  The training was packed full of practical information and solid methodologies for improving how we manage our email inboxes. Her presentation was motivating—so much so that we asked her to consult with our internal trainer to structure ongoing training to our all staff and provide one-on-one coaching opportunities. Her teachings has resulted in more efficient communication within email and in person. Thank you for your leadership and knowledge Tracy. We’re on our way to managing our information rather than our information managing us.”

– Debbie Bauman, Executive Assistant to the President, Northwest Evaluation Association

 " I would recommend Tracy for any kind of consulting and/or position that brings out her exceptional skills in training and mentoring others. Indeed, she seems to shine as a dedicated, outstanding role model and business leader in her field. Tracy certainly makes one feel encouraged and inspired to move forward productively!"  With heart-felt appreciation. 

Mixie Kingman Eddy, MA, Personal Historian and Creativity Coach

Thanks for the excellent program this morning. Your ability to simplify issues and provide easy to use systems to address organizational and workflow bottlenecks is unique."!

– Robert Stout, Ball Janik LLP


The content and delivery of the presentations were comprehensive yet practical, your delivery; engaging, interactive and professional - a top notch training that goes drectly to improving our bottom line.

– Adam S, T-Mobile USA


You worked magic! After taking your email management training my email files became so much more manageable. I have identified the main categories to manage and track emails, I am more productive using both my calendar and my task manager and my email inbox is nearly empty! When is your next class – I will be there!

– Holly Remer, Healthy Beginnings Executive Director, Bend, OR


"Though it may be too early to gauge improvement in productivity( from a financial aspect), I’m happy to report people are adopting the techniques! ”. The training was a surprisingly practical experience; improving efficiency and team collaboration."

– Jens Anderson, CPA, Partner & Shareholder, Jones & Roth CPA's and Business Consultants

"When it came time to retire as Director of a scientific service lab I selected Simplicated, LLC and The Paper Tiger™ to help us organize our records and support a smooth managerial transition. The intuitive format of Paper Tiger™ made the entire process a snap and is used daily for our record management needs.  Thanks to the efficient, courteous, and experienced help of Tracy Campbell, we completed the conversion of 40 years of client records, protocols, grants and contracts, safety compliance, and instrument service histories within one day! THANK YOU, Tracy!!"

– Al Soeldner, Director, Electron Microscope Facility, Oregon State University

"Tracy Campbell is outstanding in her ability to simplify workflow and increase efficiency. Her processes save time, increase productivity, and reduce the stress associated with managing information. We found Tracy to be professional, engaging, and a pleasure to work with. We will not hesitate to engage her services again in the future.”

Tim Casey, Executive Director, The Bend Chamber of Commerce

“Tracy brought great value to our company through her practical, relevant training sessions. She was able, in a thorough and concise fashion, to spotlight the elements necessary to ensure improvement in the quality of communication, efficiency in the use of email, and increased organizational structure”.  Tracy did a great job of relating to both senior management as well as mid-level management, all within the same sessions. I highly recommend her as she brought great benefit to our organization in a short period of time.”

– David Brunkal, C.O.O., Navis Technologies

"One of the greatest impacts the email etiquette training has had on our department is improved email quality; email communication is more clear and concise and our communication has become much more efficient. Long winded multi paragraph emails are becoming a thing of the past!

– Sara McRae, Tax Operations Manager, Jones & Roth CPA's, Eugene, OR

“Tracy's experience and professionalism made for an efficient and enjoyable process. The education we received was invaluable as to how we can manage our office in the most efficient manner, we are thrilled!”

– Stu & Anne Gordon, Bend, Oregon

“In a short 45 minutes I learned valuable shortcuts and best practices for email processing I never knew existed. Subsequently, I reduced the number of steps previously used to process email and am able to increase productivity throughout the day. Having more time during the day to work on key priorities is priceless”.

– Joe Gardepy, Assistant Vice President/Commercial Banking Officer Liberty Bank


“Recently Tracy presented an email training for our Staff and explained how the effective use of email could drastically increase the productivity of staff hours. This training has resulted in many fruitful discussions and the implementation of the tools she provided; changes that have made communication more effective both inside and outside of our organization.”

– Craig Eshelman, Executive Pastor, Westside Church, Bend, Oregon

"When I agreed to take over the management of the Electron Microscope Lab at Oregon State University I didn’t realize there would be more paper files than I have with my other job.  Tracy, your patience and expertise were a great asset in helping to organize files and establish a complete information management system. I have successfully used the program every time I need to file or retrieve information.  Paper Tiger™ gives me one less thing to stress about!"

– Teresa Sawyer, Senior Faculty Research Assistant , Botany and Plant Pathology, Oregon State University


"I run a small manufacturing business and have been using the Paper Tiger for over 8 years now. This system works so well I can't imagine filing any other way. I can find anything I have ever filed within seconds. Isn't that the point of filing something?"

– John Hattey, United Window & Cab

"Tracy Campbell with Simplicated, LLC not only helped me organize my information management systems and beautifully decorate my office; it was done in record time with lots of style! What I appreciate most was her ability to listen to my needs and address them in a way that expressed my personal tastes. If you need help organizing your information, your work space, or any other space for that matter; in my opinion Tracy is the best!"

– Tully Ellsberg, Stockholder, Board Secretary/Treasurer, Bellatrix Systems, Inc, Bend, OR

"In cutting the time it takes to store and find information by 50%, the COTA® system has changed the way our business keeps track of vital information. The Info-Excellence™ seminar provided unique insight and showed us the best practices we needed. Now our team has one, simple system for finding everything."

– John G. Russell,

"Thank you so much for your recent presentation to Staff…everyone is still talking about it! The really cool thing is that people are using the tips they learned from you…so, THANK YOU!"

– Tony Hamman, Assistant to the Executive Pastor, Westside Church, Bend, OR

"Paper Tiger made the seemingly impossible project of organizing and indexing our "vault" a simple and painless process. The vault is the repository for all our documents; everything from historical documentation (dating back to 1918!) to current working files. Tracy was terrific to work with, taking time to assure the system was set up correctly and continues to work for our company - if we have any questions or need anything she is here for us. We are able to find what we need when we need it in a matter of seconds - finally!

– Jenny Hartzel-Hill, Central Oregon Irrigation District, Redmond, Oregon


“Immediately after I returned from Tracy’s workshop, I was able to begin applying what she taught. I appreciated learning simple practices that reduced my volume of e-mail and made me more productive. I’ve started educating my staff and look forward to our all being a more effective, high functioning team.”
– Janet Huerta, Executive Director , Saving Grace: Imagine Life without Violence